Liverpool owner takes swipe at Fernando Torres


John W. Henry, the owner of Liverpool FC, appears to have taken a swipe at former star Fernando Torres following his Anfield departure.

Liverpool owner takes swipe at Fernando Torres

The American businessman, who bought Liverpool last year from compatriots George Gillett and Tom Hicks, was responding to comments rumoured to be made by the Spaniard.

Henry said: “Someone was saying that people weren’t happy here. But I think since that person left people are happier.”

Since signing for Chelsea on transfer deadline day in January, £50 million man Torres has failed to hit the back of the net in seven appearances.

Meanwhile, Liverpool new boy Luis Suarez has settled in straight away on Merseyside since signing from Ajax for £23 million.

The Uruguayan has netted twice for Liverpool and played a hand in three further goals in his first five appearances – including the second in the Reds’ 2-0 win at Sunderland yesterday.

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  1. so true…pricks like that who say they wanna play for bigger clubs are fools, cos there ain’t no bigger club, not in the uk anyway. I may have so what excepted had he returned home but chelsea, come on give me a break, best thing that happened to us in a long long time, he was like a leece sucking out all our blodd and now he is doing it at chelsea….chelsea looked so much better without him and the look on abromavic’s face said it all, bet he is gutted wastein that 50 mil now….hehe

  2. Prime example of being hypocritical. You say you’ve moved on, yet you’re still making freaking innuendoes! Get over it! We get it! You’re happy, he’s happy, lets all move forward now.

    • Torres lost his pace through injuries and is a spoilt kid. Anyone who blames missing countless 1 on 1 chances on a lack of service is being blinded by mis-guided loyalty to a premadonna who had no loyalty to the fans.

      £50 mil for that!?!?

      Brilliant! 😀


  3. I would swap torres for suarez any day of the week but getting carroll and suarez is a steal thanks nando you bag of sh*te.

  4. he can be the greatest in Liverpool but he pick the ‘biggest club’ with little history. Guess he want to create history there……he is almost there …to ship back to spain. The King has reassemble his troop and is looking more and more sharper.

  5. who are we talking about here ? you lost me ! dont who it is but cant be worth askin any more about .why is big ed bruce unhappy if we get a fluke peno but doesnt say a word if fergiesrednose gets one . or moan about injurys when they play united they are allways short of their big playes mystriously injured but back playin the next game

  6. hes happy?? if he was so bloody happy, why does he keep going on about liverpool? he is the one that keeps having little digs, and as fans we are not allowed to respond without being called hypocritical?? One thing i do agree with is that we are happy though lol, suarez 22 mil or torres 50 mil??? i know which i would choose!! ynwa

    • Bet you John Henry was referring to Torres. Torres had been a petulant miserable git for nearly all last season and certainly for all of this until his welcome departure. Saturday showed the faces of a team who all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Didn’t see Torres having much fun against City

  7. Fernando was a great player for Liverpool, and Hicks and Gillett not f–ked up and given Benitez the money to go and buy a decent couple of players on the wing we would be on top now and kicking ass. Torres has given us a lots of goals and £50m – Thank you Torres. Torres and Suarez would have been a dream partnership Pace, Skill, Power and Goals galore…. Torres at least didn’t screw us like Owen… Now lets all move on, Torres knows he has made a mistake, but now its too little too late, come on Kenny get us a decent left back, two decent wingers, Gerrard and Miereless in the middle and come on you reds…..

    • how the hell u say torres didnt screw us…infact owen didnt screw us as he went to different league so tht he may not face liverpool & gave his best days to liverpool & real madrid , whereas torres did the opposite…if you dont blame torres for moving on ..dont blame owen too for moving on…….

      • both tried to screw us, both made us sell them, BUT in both times we moved on got better, they didnt, both quality strikers, but they both forced our hands to sell. but for god sake lets all get over it, leave the crying to torries, never heard him talk about liverpool so much, as he does now, and its all to take the limelight away from him not scoring yet. how he can blame us for him now 7 matchs no goals is beyond me.
        end of day both served us well, its the way they left we not like, also add masch onto the list.

      • Owen cheated us into getting almost nothing. Torres gave us more than 50 per cent profit. Very silly comment indeed!

    • we lost 2 world class striker… its all because we couldnt give them more… now we have a world class player in suarez and a rising star in carroll… we should hold on to them nd not make them feel how owen nd torres felt… for that we need to start winning again… we have a bright future…

    • Don’t talk such tosh .. Torres the best striker we ever had LMAO!! .. I’d rather have King Kenny in his heyday up front than Torres.
      Such a shame he left us like he did though, him and Suarez would have made a phenomenal strike-force in the prem.
      Good riddance though, let’s move on .. out with the old and in with the new. 🙂

  8. Torres was amazing for LFC when he first came but he is a shadow of his former self and I am doubtful if he will find the form he had when he first joined us. I loved the guy but hey, stuff happens and I for one am made up we got suarez, he is a phenominal player with loads of attitude, just what we need. Once Carroll has found his feet and we sign a few more class players, we will be a force to be reckoned with

  9. Lets move on and don’t talk about the pass. Perhaps we all should think about changing back the LIVERPOOL logo just like 1970 era. I have noticed ever since we replace w/ current design… we never won premier league at all.

    Please to LIVERPOOL fans out there and Mr Henry… please consider it. Thanks…


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