Liverpool named UK’s most festive city


Liverpool was today named the Most Festive City in the UK.

Liverpool named UK's most festive city

Researchers found Scousers have forked out a massive £306 on Christmas decorations – including lights, wreaths, inflatable Santas and even POLAR BEARS. A massive nine in 10 residents have outdoor lights whilst a quarter are displaying ‘Santa Stop Here’ signs.

As well as Liverpudlians being the most likely to have a real Christmas tree, they also send out the most Christmas cards, visit the most relatives (seven on average) and leave their decorations up for the longest. They are also the least likely to switch off festive adverts.

Glasgow came second in the poll, where residents have spent £267 in total on the likes of reindeers, mistletoe and tinsel.

Manchester, Sheffield and Leicester completed the top five.

Brighton on the other hand is home to the scroogiest Brits, with only four in 10 of those in the seaside resort looking forward to festivities. As little as 13 per cent will stick up a real Christmas tree, only one in 20 will watch the Queen’s Speech and 96 per cent detest cracker jokes.

Yesterday, a spokesman for Sainsbury’s which carried out the research of 3,000 households, said: ”It’s great that so many people embrace Christmas and adorn their houses with lights and novelty characters.

”Scousers are known for their sense of fun so it’s no surprise that they are the most festive city in the UK. We’ve noticed decorations, cards and wrap have been flying off the shelves in our North West stores but this study makes it official.

”The top five cities listed in this poll are all northern, so it seems southerners have a lot to live up to in the festive stakes. We would urge everyone to soak up the seasonal spirit and make 2010 a Christmas to remember.”

The nationwide study quizzed Brits aged 18-65 on their level of excitement and expenditure at Christmas.

Swansea emerged second in the list of ‘Least Festive City’ – with one in 10 dismantling the Christmas tree and decorations as early as Boxing Day.

Edinburgh, Coventry and York also featured in the least festive list.

The survey found the things Brits most enjoy about Christmas are giving presents (64 per cent), eating (61 per cent) and spending time with the family (59 per cent).

At the other end of the scale, the Christmas Number 1, carol singers and the Queen’s Speech topped the poll as the nation’s least favourite festive things.

This year Brits will travel 86 miles to visit relatives, and despite the travel and shopping chaos caused by bad weather, only 13 per cent of respondents have had their Christmas spirit hampered by the elements.

The study also found Glasgow residents will send the most Christmas cards – averaging 29, while those in Brighton will post just 14 and Norwich folk will receive the most cards through the letter box – 29.

Those in York will visit more family members than anyone else – totalling seven relatives, compared to just three for those in Brighton.

And Coventry residents, despite being named one of the least festive cities in terms of spend, are more likely to stick up their Christmas decorations in October compared to any other city.

1. Liverpool £305.96
2. Glasgow £267.36
3. Manchester £264.22
4. Sheffield £245.71
5. Leicester £235.63
6. Southampton £233.36
7. Plymouth £232.68
8. Birmingham £228.18
9. Cardiff £220.58
10. London £216.26

1. Brighton £124.79
2. Swansea £127.71
3. Edinburgh £128.82
4. Coventry £163.92
5. York £175.87
6. Cambridge £189.34
7. Oxford £190.31
8. Wolverhampton £193.11
9. Aberdeen £193.5
10. Newcastle £198.62

Sainsburys expects to sell:
* 16m crackers
* 6m baubles
* 83,000 artificial trees
* 11 million meters of wrap
* 170,000 meters of tinsel
* 47m Christmas cards

Picture Credit: Pixiepics on Flickr


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