Lived a remote existence : Woman turns 103 and reveals her secret is she’s never watched TV in her entire life


A woman has turned 103 and says the secret to her long life is she’s never watched – TELEVISION.


Gertrude ‘Topsy’ Hindley has missed some of the world’s most historic moments – because she’s never owned a TV.

She missed Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the assassination of JFK, the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 attacks.

Gertrude, of Sidmouth, Devon, says she has never owned a gogglebox and has spent her 100 years listening to the radio instead.

Her nephew, Richard Hindley, said: “She’s never really been aware of what’s going on in the world. I think that’s a reason why she’s lived so long.

“She’s not been worried about the news because she’s never had a television.

“She did know about big events when she was younger but she hasn’t taken such an interest in current affairs as people do.

“She had a transistor radio in her bedroom but used it for local radio.”

Topsy added: ”I’ve never had one. I used to go round and care for older people and I do not think any of them were without a TV.

“All my friends have them but didn’t want it. I just want peace.”

Topsy’s dislike of the gogglebox has topped Pope Francis – this week the pontiff revealed he has not watched television for 25 years.

Richard said his aunt, who lives in a care home, has been content to listen to nature programmes and the news on the radio when her father, Charles, was alive.

Topsy set up Sidmouth District Animal Welfare which later became ARC Animal Rescue Centre.

She said caring for the animals left little time for television and the only time she has watched the box briefly was during visits to friends.

Richard says she “she was content with her own company”.  Topsy this week celebrated her 103rd birthday with family.


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