Live bug discovered in woman’s pasta salad


A woman has blasted supermarket giant Tesco after she discovered a live bug – in her PASTA SALAD.

Disgusted Rebecca Owen, 24, was tucking into her £2.50 smoked salmon and spinach dish when she saw the insect crawling over her food.

The 10mm (1cm) long creepy-crawly is believed to be a Green Shield Bug which emits a foul smelling liquid to see off predators.

Rebecca said: ”I found it in my food and it made me feel sick to my stomach. I was so shocked.

”I didn’t really want to eat it after spotting that and felt a bit sick. It really put me off.

”I was glad I had bought a packet of crisps that day otherwise I would have been really hungry.

”I buy this meal quite regularly and wasn’t impressed to find it in there.”

Married Rebecca, from Droitwich, Worcs., bought the dish from her local Tesco store in Warndon Villages, Worcs., last Wednesday.

The Lettings consultant noticed the live creepy crawly when she was eating it at her desk in Worcester.

She said: ”I almost fell off my chair, it was really shocking, you don’t expect to see something moving in your lunch.”

Rebecca has now taken video evidence of the bug and contacted the council’s environmental health department who are investigating.

Today Tesco said they would be investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: ”Unfortunately the customer hasn’t gone back to the store with the pasta salad.

”We would need to investigate this with our suppliers and we would need the customer to return the product back to the store.”

The Green Shield Bug has a broad flat body and can measure up to 10mm (1cm) in length.

The insect, which is native to Britain, is harmless to humans but can cause damage to plants.


  1. i just found a bug in  my fruit. It was in my mouth and i felt this hard bit in the fruit. Took it out and after a few seconds my eyes adjusted and i couldn’t believe it. I washed it off and put it on the side to take a picture but to my amazement it started moving. eeeuuwwww!!! Should i go to tesco’s and complain?


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