COLLECT – Holly in hospital prior to the birth of Penny. See SWNS story SWORGAN. A miracle baby has defied doctors to survive after she was born with her stomach and intestines – inside her CHEST. Holly Flynn and Phil Parrott were devastated when a scan revealed their daughter had a rare defect which caused her organs to slip through a hole in her diaphragm. The pair were told to consider an abortion after doctors revealed even if she survived to full term, there was still only a 50 per cent chance she’d live due to her crushed lungs. Adorable baby Penny was born unable to breathe with just half a working lung and was connected to a ventilator before she was whisked off to intensive care. Surgeons painstakingly relocated her organs during a delicate operation, moving them from her chest cavity into their normal position and plugging the gap. Miraculously fighter Penny survived the operation and her tiny lungs started working for themselves, and she went home with proud Holly, 25, and Phil, 32. The couple, from Manley, Cheshire, have released touching photos of Penny’s battle to raise awareness of congenital diaphragmatic hernias which have no known cause.

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