Lindsay Lohan shocker: Star decides to quit smoking


Lindsay Lohan has made one of the least-controversial moves of her career and decided to quit smoking.

Lindsay Lohan shocker: Star decides to quit smoking

The troubled actress, whose usual headline-grabbing antics are currently being overshadowed by Charlie Sheen, is giving up cigarettes as part of her new sober lifestyle.

According to Lindsay, who completed a three-month stint in rehab earlier this year, hasn’t had a puff for an entire week and now works out with a personal trainer every morning.

The star, who recently appeared in court charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles boutique, flew to New York with her family yesterday to mull over a possible plea deal.

She has been warned by a judge that she will definitely receive a jail sentence if she pleads guilty.

But if she chooses not to, the 24-year-old will face a lengthy trial and an even longer spell in prison if a jury finds her guilty.

Funnily enough, the prison she would be sent to under the plea deal, Lynwood Correctional Facility, is a non-smoking institution.


  1. Good going if you can do it. I was (note: was) a social drinker/smoker…..bumming cigs at the bar……just to strike up a conversation. It’s a nicotine demon. Resist it and the devil will flee from you. That’s what the good book says. It’s like a heroin addiction. Be a heroine and just do it. Besides you’ll smell alot better. Hey, I love TrueStar by Tommy Hilfiger. Hmmmm. Delicious.

  2. Blah.. Blah… Blah..Lindsay Lohan! How you’ll quite smoking? I’m chain-smoker and tried to quite but fail. People.. she is still loved. It is the media that makes her seem hated. She is cared about by the majority in reality. And she is up now for doing the role of Elizabeth Taylor in her life story. Lindsey will be OK if we stand behind her and give her the help she has been needing. And finally, people.. thumps up! @LINDA:)


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