Lily Loraley opens second online shop Song of Jewellery

Lily Loraley's new online store Song Of Jewellery
Lily Loraley's new online store Song Of Jewellery

Fashion retailer Lily Loraley has opened a second online store specialising in jewellery.

The retailer made the announcement following the success of it’s first site Playa Payaya which features boho-chic clothing, jewellery and accessories.

Lily Loraley believes the new site – Song of Jewellery – is the ‘one place where pop princesses mingle with punks and post modern minimalists rub virtual elbows with lovers of baroque’s elaborate styling.’

Lily Loraley's new online store Song Of Jewellery
Lily Loraley’s new online store Song Of Jewellery

Nadine Hellebrandt, one of the firm’s directors, said: ‘The new website’s many styles of jewellery correspond to musical styles like romantic, swing, classical and new age.’

She said that each style collection is carefully curated and offers exquisite design and craftsmanship, which means there is likely to be cross-appeal to customers.

Song of Jewellery sells jewellery from contemporary European designers and focuses on established niche designers as well as young and upcoming designers. The website offers unique pieces that cannot be found in the usual high street stores.

Nadine added: ‘Sometimes you’re feeling fierce and you want to listen to punk,” she says. “Other days you want to channel Marie Antoinette, which might lead you to our Baroque collection. That’s the beauty of Song of Jewellery; it’s easy to indulge your current whim at one online shop.’

‘Our aim is to offer non-mainstream, high quality jewellery that is affordable at the same time. For those with truly unique tastes, we also offer customised jewellery.’

Lily Loraley Ltd is a privately held company that engages in online fashion, accessories and jewellery retail. Both Song of Jewellery and Playa Payaya are based in London and ship to the U.K. and Europe.


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