Lightning fast photographer captures electrical storm above Lincoln


An electrical storm produced these stunning ‘shock and awe’ images during a massive thunder and lightning display in the skies above Lincoln.

Snapper Daniel Overton, 23, waited an hour and a half in the torrential storm high on a hill above the city to capture three perfect lightning bolts in the sky.

Thunder, lightning and rain lashed down on the city and its historic cathedral during a torrential two hour storm on Saturday night which signalled the end of the heatwave.

Mr Overton, a motorsport photographer from North Hykeham, Lincs., said: “It was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it in Lincoln before.

”To begin with it was quite calm then all hell broke loose and the storm was absolutely everywhere.

”I got soaked to the skin but it was Saturday night and there wasn’t much else to do.”


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