Live in Andorra and eat Beef brain! How to avoid dying if you want to live a long life


With so many health fads promising a longer and healthier life, it seems everybody is looking for ways that they can stay young.

But it seems that there are a few simple, if a little bizarre, steps that we can take if we want to tap into the fountain of youth.

Insurance company Endsleigh has put together this simple formula which shows the safest and healthiest ways to live longer. It’s called ‘How not to die – A light hearted look at ridiculous deaths’.

And while for most people it may seem sensible to avoid perilous holidays to the Bermuda triangle, other tips such as learning Yoga or living in Andorra, which has the highest life expectancy in the world, are perhaps more practical steps people can take to ensure their longevity.

Here is Endsleigh’s guide to living a long and healthy life.

Image source: Endsleigh;


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