An IBM cash register in HMV, Sheffield. Leila Johnston from Gourock, Inverclyde, who has traveled thousands of miles taking pictures of IBM cash registers all over the UK. See swns story SWCASH 30 Nov 2012.There’s no change in Leila Johnston’s dull hobby — travelling thousands of miles to photograph CASH REGISTERS. Pretty Leila, 33, is only interested in IBM-made registers and has spent the last year tracking down tills in shops, cafes and pharmacists and posting them online. And to her surprise the 45 photos on her finalbullet.com blog have attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world – who are interested to see the map of where the photos were taken. She was even given the chance to bring her strange obsession to a live audience when she was asked to speak at the annual Boring Festival in London earlier this month. Leila, whose obsession began as a child when she grew up near IBM’s Scottish plant in Inverclyde, said: “I’m interested in the technology behind everyday life and IBM registers are a big part of that so I thought it would be interesting to photograph them in use. “Some people are a little confused when I tell them what I do. But once I explain they seem to get it.

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