Lego Man: Halo fan builds amazing Master Chief costume


This dedicated teenager has spent six months building his very own superhero outfit – from 10,000 Lego bricks.

Devoted Ben Caulkins, 15, is a huge fan of the computer game Halo and has made a wearable replica of the costume worn by the main character Master Chief.

Despite being made of plastic bricks, the outfit is entirely flexible and Ben can proudly walk around in his bespoke creation.

The schoolboy was inspired to create the suit after attending his first Lego convention in Chicago, USA – and six months and $1,000 (USD) later it’s finally completed.

He said: ”I was wowed by some of the most elegant and massive Lego creations I’d ever seen.

”I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to construct so I started thinking about it on the train journey home from a convention.

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”The idea of a Master Chief costume came to me very easily as I’m sure it does for a lot of Lego/Halo lovers, but the only difference is that I decided to act on it.”

Ben, from New York, now has a loyal online following after documenting the gruelling process on Flickr page.

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Halo is an enormously succesful sci-fi video game series with more than 35 million copies sold worldwide since 2001.

A ‘cybernetically-enhanced human super-soldier”, the Master Chief is a silent character whose face is never revealed from behind his gold visor.

Ben’s Halo costume has even received praise by an expert from the gaming world.

Dom Sacco, from industry magazine MCV, said: ”Halo is a huge video game franchise with millions of dedicated fans worldwide, so it’s no surprise to see some expressing their love of the series with custom suits and gadgetry.

”To see a Halo suit built out of LEGO like this is very impressive. Not only does it demonstrate an extreme passion but it also shows the world the kind of user creativity that games companies should take note of.

”Ben’s efforts should be praised because players the world over have a lot of work to do if they want to better this.”



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