Learn how to bet on F1


Formula 1 is one of the most exciting competitions in the world. The fastest sport of all, as many refer to it, is one of the most popular also. Whether is that because of the speed, glamour or something else we can’t quite tell, but the point is that F1 draws enormous attention.

Because of all the publicity, it became tempting for betting. More and more people decide to place money on this instead of some other sports. But how many of them are really successful while doing so? 

To be honest, not many. 

But, there are certain tips on how to make your Formula One betting more accurate and profitable.

In order to earn money, you have to pay attention to several details. They might look strange to you, or maybe not that important, but the previous experiences showed that some of them have a massive impact on the race outcome. In this article you can learn how to bet on F1 with Freebets.com

One of the critical factors which could be affecting the race is the weather. At some specific circuits, it plays a significant role. Rain, wind, or even hot temperatures can affect drivers and vehicles in numerous ways. 

We all remember how Michael Schumacher loved to drive in the rain. Schumi is probably the best ever when it came to that. Of course, the German legend is perhaps the best in general, but that is a subject for some other article. 

Meanwhile, some of the vehicles are also performing differently when it comes to various weather conditions. Recently we saw Ferrari having a cooling system break down, which forced Sebastian Vettel to start from the last place at the German Grand Prix. Over the last few years, we often witnessed Prancing Horse’s malfunctions when the temperatures are high. 

Also, we have track configuration as one significant factor. Traditionally, the ones with long and straight sequences used to be Ferrari’s playground and the ones which are narrow, and have many curves were not suitable for the Italian manufacturer. Before placing a bet on your F1 favorite, you need to include this in your equation.

The drivers’ history at one Grand Prix is an essential factor. Some of them have favorite circuits where they developed a special feeling, which allows them to perform much better than at other places. The configuration of the track might be suitable for their style, or simply the environment is inspiring for those guys. 

An example of Lewis Hamilton and his seven triumphs at the Hungaroring is perfect for our story. It is the record of this Grand Prix, which could be even pushed further. A few weeks ago, the Brit added another victory there and proved his domination at that circuit. When you stumble upon a situation like this one, you will probably back up the guy who has multiple wins at one Grand Prix. 

To gather all this information, the punter needs to read the previews of the races, as well as to find some time to study the history and the tradition of the same. Only then, he will have some guidelines on how to bet correctly and win some money on Formula 1 contests.