Lambs in macs


These newborn lambs are keeping warm in the freezing weather – with tailor-made coats.

Farmer Will Willison, 37, ordered the ‘Lamb Mac’ outfits from New Zealand to insulate his 190 lambs warm after birth.

Britain’s unusually cold weather had left the Welsh Mule-Suffolk crosses in danger of freezing to death.

But the red plastic coats, which cost just 8p each, have provided them with a valuable layer of insulation and also helped to deter foxes.

Will, who runs The Stables Farm Shop and Tea Room in Feckenham, Worcs., said Britain’s recent big freezes have left lambs at risk.

He said: ”We have been lambing since January 21st and the weather has been unusually cold.

”Certain breeds don’t have quite as much wool when they are born so the coats give them an extra layer like a jacket.

”They do look a bit odd in the field but the lambs grow out them within one week and by then they have grown a coat of their own.”


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