Lady Gaga’s wacky waistcoat was designed by pop-obsessed 15-year-old


A pop-obsessed teenager designed a wacky waistcoat for his idol Lady Gaga – then watched amazed as she wore it for a gig.

Jordan Pritchard, 15, bought a white jacket and cut the arms off before sewing on Christmas decorations and fluffy unicorns.

He queued up for seven hours outside the stage door at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena to make sure he got a front row spot – then hurled it on stage when Lady Gaga began her sell-out-gig.

To his amazement the Poker Face singer picked up the technicolour garment and slipped it on before carrying on.

The chart-topping US singer is famed for her bizarre outfits, including dresses made of meat to hats shaped like giant lobsters.

Jordan, of Plymouth, Devon, knew his design would have to be so outlandish it would catch her eye.

He combined Lady Gaga’s love of mythical creatures and her passion for the American artist Jeff Koons, whose work is featured on her 2013 Artpop album.

He said: “She loves unicorns so it had to have unicorns on it.

“I also tried to replicate the Jeff Koons’ Gazing Ball, which is on the album cover, by attaching brightly coloured Christmas decorations.

“I knew I’d need to be near the front to make sure I got in to the stage.

“I couldn’t believe it when she picked it up and said something like ‘I love these little unicorns’ and put it on as she walked over to the piano.

“She wore it for the whole of the song ‘Dope’ and half of the one afterwards – it was just amazing.”

Jordan, who tuns 16 next month, had to wait until the crowds had left to ask a member of the stage crew to get the waistcoat back for him.

He added: “When I came out loads of people asked to have their photo taken with me and the jacket.

“My mum joked that we should put it on eBay but I don’t think we’ll do that – I think I’d just like to keep it.

“It was a really special evening and an amazing way to celebrate my sixteenth birthday.”

Jordan’s mum Ruthy, a physiotherapist, helped him create the waistcoat and his sister Pamella queued outside the venue with him from 7am.

Ruthy said: “He saved up his own money for the waistcoat and did a lot of research into exactly what should go on to it so it might catch her eye.

“His older sister Pamella went with him into the concert, so when they came out afterwards and told me she had actually worn it I was pretty much speechless.

“He really is a big fan so to have something like this happen is a once in a lifetime thing for him.

“It was fun to make it and to think one of the world’s biggest stars has worn something we made is pretty special.”


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