Lady Gaga set to earn $100 million in 2011


Singer Lady Gaga is fast becoming one of the world’s most bankable stars, with experts predicting she could rake in a huge $100 million over the next year.

Lady Gaga set to earn $100 million in 2011

The poker-faced star, 24, earned $64 million in 2010 but this is dwarfed by the amount Forbes magazine believes she is yet to amass from record sales, tours and product endorsements.

She has a huge 41 live shows scheduled over the next six months, which the magazine estimates could bring in $33 million thanks to the high ticket prices she commands and her ability to sell out large venues.

And product endorsements, such as her recent collaboration with Polaroid, should significantly add to the money she makes from music and performing.

Bernie Resick, spokesperson for Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, told the magazine: “She’s just hitting her stride artistically and commercially now. We’re only seeing the beginning.”

Gaga’s first album, The Fame, sold 12 million copies and her second, Born This Way, is due out in June.


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