Kray-on: Artwork by notorious gangsters the Kray twins up for auction


Seven paintings by notorious East End gangsters the Kray twins are expected to fetch thousands of pounds when they go up for auction next month.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

The lot includes a series of paintings which show Reggie, his brother Ronnie and notorious English serial killer Graham Young escaping from prison.

One shows the twins riding white horses alongside a flowing river, while another depicts them escaping on foot over a bridge.

A third shows the pair in top hat and tails standing at the entrance of a country farm, and another is a surreal painting of the brothers in an orange and green landscape.

Also included in the lot are two paintings by the ‘teacup poisoner’ Graham Young, who created a bizarre ‘Picasso-style’ self portrait as well as a portrait of the Kray twins.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

The serial killer, jailed in 1962 after poisoning dozens of victims created the painting when the trio attended art classes at Parkhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight in the 1970s.

The bizarre collection is being sold by an anonymous vendor at Thomas Mawer and Son Auctioneers in Lincoln next month.

Auctioneer John Leatt said: ”Whilst not of great artistic merit, these paintings will be popular with collectors of Kray and gangster memorabilia.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

”Thomas Mawer and Son sold a series of paintings by the Krays in 2005 and 2006 and there was a huge amount of interest in the lots with collectors travelling many miles for a chance to bid on them.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

”We anticipate a great deal of interest in these paintings on sale day and estimate they will fetch between £200 and £300 each.”

The portrait of Ronnie and Reggie Kray by Graham Young is dated September 21, 1973 and features the HM Prison Parkhurst stamp to the back.

The Picasso-style painting is dated 1973 by Young and another oil on paper by Reggie Kray depicting the twins in hunting outfits on horseback dated May 11, 1971 and featuring the Parkhurst stamp.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

All the Kray artwork are signed by the notorious gangsters , who terrorised London’s East End during the 1960s.

Serial killer Graham Young, known as the ‘Teacup Poisoner’, was fascinated by poisons from a young age.

At just 14 in 1962, he laced his step-mother Mollie’s food with two poisons – antimony and digitalis – causing her death.

Kray-on: Artwork by notorious Kray twins up for auction

After spending nine years in Broadmoor, he was released and went to work in a photographic studio where he had access to dangerous chemicals.

Soon after, two colleagues fell ill and died when he spiked their tea with poison. He went on to make 70 others ill before he was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1972 at St Albans Crown Court.

He served his time at Parkhurst Prison where he attended art classes with the Krays as well as befriending Moors murderer Ian Brady and hardman Roy Shaw.

Young died in his cell at Parkhurst prison in 1990 aged 42.

The lot is going under the hammer at a two day auction at Thomas Mawer and Son in Lincoln on on November 5 and 6.


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