Kingston Hospital gets a giant Lego makeover



Believe it or not, but going to the dentist could actually be fun.

Lili Giacobino, transforms Kingston Hospital Princess Alexandra’s waiting room into an amazing Lego kingdom.

Attending the hospital to undergo a procedure is an event that most adults are dreading. Even more so when it comes to your child. Lili decided to transform the hospital experience for children and awaken their creativity whilst waiting for their appointment. “Whatever your age, there is something so appealing with LEGO, possibilities are endless. I am pretty sure that it is not just children that who will enjoy this giant LEGO wall, adults will too.”

With a BA in Social work and a BA in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston University, Lili always tries to transform space to improve well-being. “For me, a designer doesn’t just change the wall colour or the furniture layout, he or she improves the way you feel within a space.

The main goal for my designs is to make people feel happier.”

SEATSOne year ago, Lili already volunteered to transform another Wing of Kingston hospital, painting and decorating staff room, recovery room and corridors. From now on you will be counting birds on the ceiling in 6 anaesthetics rooms prior to falling asleep. Both maternity theatres also had a makeover, with their ceilings covered with hundreds of butterflies flying everywhere and flowers growing out of light fixtures. “I wanted to improve the time that patient spent in this room, by being distracted or having something to focus on. If the patient could feel more relaxed and calm, I believe that it is easier for the staff, improving the whole experience for everyone. Those projects are very meaningful for me and I am happy to know that it can somehow make a difference in people’s life, during a potentially stressful time.”

After 4 years as a property developer herself, Giacobino awakens the nostalgic imagination within us through her interior design. Despite her creative and fantastical designs, she utilises her knowledge in plumbing, carpentry, tiling and her expertise in furniture.

It took 11 kg of Duplo found on Ebay, 50 Lego base plates and 44 giant Lego Blocks to do this makeover. The only downfall is that from now on, kids just don’t want to leave the waiting room anymore.


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