King Charles spaniel survived attack by Bullmastiff because it was too FAT for fangs to get through


A King Charles spaniel survived being savaged by a vicious Bullmastiff – because he was so FAT the deranged hound’s fangs failed to penetrate his major organs.

Terrified four-year-old pooch Alfie was repeatedly bitten by the out-of-control mutt in an unprovoked attack outside a school.

But despite being mauled by the hound, Alfie survived because his extra layer of fat protected him from serious injury.

Carole Evans' dog Alfie who was mauled by a bullmastiff but survived because he is fat
Carole Evans’ dog Alfie who was mauled by a bullmastiff but survived because he is fat

Yesterday Alfie’s owner Carole Evans, 66, said: “He is overweight. He should be 12 kilos but he is coming in at 18. But the vet said the fact that he is overweight saved his life.

“He is overweight, but it saved his life. The vets said if he had been the correct weight it would have punctured his lung and killed him.

“We were going to put him on a diet but we don’t think we will now. He certainly had a few treats that night.

“He loves doggy chocolates and biscuits. Who knew they would save his life?”

Carole was walking Alfie on a lead when they were set upon by the giant dog outside Lacon Childe School in Cleobury Mortimer, Shrops., last Thursday afternoon.

Carole Evans from Cleobury Mortimer with her dog Alfie
Carole Evans from Cleobury Mortimer with her dog Alfie

The Bullmastiff bounded up to the mum-of-two and knocked her off her feet and into a bush before launching at Alfie and locking his jaws around his throat.

Semi-retired care worker Carole, who lives in Cleobury Mortimer, said: “I am only five foot and seven stone, what chance did I have against a huge Bullmastiff?

“I landed on my back in the hedge. I didn’t even see him coming, he just knocked me out of the way.

“I looked up and he had my dog by the throat. Alfie was yelping and crying. A man heard us and came running. If he hadn’t come along it would have killed my dog.”

The pensioner then rushed Alfie – who had been bitten five times – to the vets who said he might lose sight in one of his eyes because of a scratch in his cornea.

Four-year-old Alfie currently tips the scales at 18kg (39lbs 11oz) – 6kg (13lbs 3oz) more than the 12kg (26lbs 7oz) he should weigh.

Carole’s husband Keith Evans, 61, said Alfie – who they got from a breeder when he was a puppy – had always been overweight.

He said: “It doesn’t affect his health. All it is us giving him too many treats. It is both of us, we are both guilty of it.

“We keep getting told off every time we take him to the vets but this time she said she won’t tell us off because it saved his life.”

The couple have already spent £197 on vet bills in less than a week since the attack and expect that to rise when they get treatment for the scratches to Alfie’s eye.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: “We are currently conducting enquiries and they are ong


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