Kim Kardashian reveals on Piers Morgan Tonight that her family have founded a church


Kim Kardashian and her sisters may have an ever-expanding business empire, but now it seems they want your hearts and minds too after revealing on Piers Morgan Tonight they’ve founded a church.

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Reality star Kim, who was being interviewed along with her sister Kourtney for Piers’ new CNN show, admitted that she funds a church set up by her mother Kris Jenner in Calabasas, California.

When asked by Piers if she knew how much she was worth, Kim replied: “Whatever it is, I give 10 per cent away to the church and that’s what I was taught. Every year. Absolutely.”

She then continued: “There’s a charity that I work with a lot that I donate money all the time – the Dream Foundation – and my mum has helped create a church, so we help fund that, it’s in Calabasas.”

Their mother Kris founded the LifeChange Community Church with the help of Reverend Brad Johnson, who was seen on the family’s reality show marrying youngest Kardashain sister Khloe and LA Lakers star Lamar Odom.

His career had been in tatters before meeting the girls’ mother, having been dismissed from his old church in 2007 following allegations of infidelity.

Jenner had heard about his fall from grace and tracked him down, with the intention of giving him a second chance.

The LifeChange Community Church opened in December 2009. Their website states that the church places a lot of emphasis on confession and second chances, and accepts everybody.

Kim continued: “As long as we give back and help out any organisation that is close to our hearts.

“It’s not just (about) giving away, it’s about finding something that you really connect with.”

But Kim’s love of charity does not seem to have curbed her extortionate spending.

When asked by Piers what the most expensive item she had ever bought was, Kourtney reminded her of her $115,000 watch.

Kourtney then declared that she found such spending “vulgar” and preferred to invest her cash in son Mason’s future.

The full interview airs tonight on CNN at 9pm


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