Killjoy Post Office bosses ban Royal Wedding flags


Royal Mail bosses have been blasted after banning staff from flying the Union Jack to celebrate the Royal wedding.

Killjoy Post Office bosses ban Royal Wedding flags

Killjoy Post Office chiefs fear the flag could spark sectarian trouble, because of its link to Glasgow Rangers FC.

Now, with tensions between rival Celtic and Rangers fans reaching boiling point, staff have been told they can’t fly the flag.

Bunting and a Union Flag were ordered to be taken down at Glasgow’s Springburn mail centre on Tuesday.

An insider at the site said: ”This is just madness.

”There are going to be thousands of families across Scotland waving Union Jacks on Friday, eating from Union Jack paper plates and so on.

”Some may be Rangers fans but I’m guessing that’s a minority. Royal Mail seems to be saying the Union Jack is bigoted.”

The long, bitter rivalry between Glasgow’s two football sides has taken a sinister turn over the past few weeks.

Since a bad-tempered derby between the sides relations have been at an all-time low.

Then Celtic manager Neil Lennon was sent a letter bomb, along with other high profile Celtic fans.

The Union Jack is traditionally flown by Rangers supporters. However, this is causing problems in the run up to the Royal wedding.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: ”We do not wish to dampen festivities.

”But in light of recent sensitivities we cannot agree to any material that can be construed as having partisan connections.

”We’re happy for staff to display memorabilia of the royal couple. But we don’t want anything that’s just Union Jacks. That can be misconstrued.”


  1. Once again so called leaders of industry have been shown to be afraid of offending people, as long as they show no loyalty to their flag and country


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