Kickboxer tells victim to “Google me” before assaulting him


A kickboxing thug who viciously attacked a man in an unprovoked street attack told his victim ”Google me” before launching the assault, a court heard.

Kenny Tilford, 27, from Grantham, Lincs., threw pizza at his victim’s back before screaming at him: ”Do you know who I am? You should Google my name.”

He then dealt the man a single punch to the head, which knocked him unconscious and left him with cuts, bruising and several broken teeth.

Grantham Magistrates Court heard that the victim’s sister told police: ”He came across saying ‘Google me, Google me. You don?t know who the f*** I am. I’m a kickboxer.’ ”

Tilford admitted assault and was given a 12-month community order, 80 hours unpaid work and must pay £370 compensation and £85 costs.


    • I agree.

      any kickboxer worth his salt would not act like such a dick, Kenny no brain gives decent hard training fighters a bad name you know the ones who wish to prove themselves in the ring with a nother trained fighter who is equiped to fight back.


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