FILE PICTURE – Linked to todays NTI story NTISEAL, January 25, 2012, about how the Angling Trust has announced it will not pursue a licence to have Keith the seal shot but will work with divers to relocate it.

Staff at a beauty spot got a shock from an unexpected visitor – a lost SEAL named Keith who found herself over 100 miles from home – in the MIDLANDS. Stunned workers at Stourport Marina, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcs., couldn’t believe their eyes when the harbour sealpopped its head above the water at the riverside attraction. The four-foot female – dubbed ‘Keith’ by locals – is thought to have been hunting pike and salmon after swimming up from its usual home in Irish or Welsh seas. Dozens of Keith sightings were reported across Worcestershire, where it is thought that massive flooding may have allowed the seal to make its way inland.

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