Katie Price in HIV Twitter row


Katie Price has landed herself in hot water after retweeting a message suggesting she spread rumours about journalists.

Katie Price in HIV Twitter row

The model, also known by her alias of Jordan, retweeted an unnamed fan’s message to her followers saying she should she make up rumours that The News of The World’s showbiz journalist Dan Wootton “has HIV” and The Daily Star’s Gemma Wheatley “has crabs.”

“They make up *!$@# so y cant u?” the fan had originally posted.

Katie quickly came under fire from journalists and other Twitter users for insensitively posting the message the day after world AIDs day.

She quickly deleted the original retweet, and posted an apology saying: “Apologies everyone especially (dan and gemma) that RT [retweet] was accidental. Be great if they’d admit when they got something wrong though!”

Lisa Power, Policy Director for Terrence Higgins Trust, said: “Whether or not a person has HIV, it should never be used as a slur.

“People living with HIV have enough public prejudice to contend with, so it’s important that people who are role models try to improve this situation, not perpetuate it. We’re glad to see that Katie has since deleted the comment.

“She has a huge fan base, and we’d love for her to work alongside us to help raise awareness of the issue.”

The fan who posted the original message has deleted their account from the social networking site.

Jordan recently used her Twitter account to criticise Gemma Wheatley for suggesting Peter Andre’s management banned her from visiting her ex-husband in hospital.

She wrote: “I wonder if Gemma Wheatley from Daily Star ever has a conscience about her constant lies?

“I bet [she] is proud of her constant lies – she even misquotes what I have tweeted! With all the stories Gemma Wheatley makes up she should appear on [children’s TV show] Jackanory.”



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