Katie Price and Alex Reid divorce latest: Couple at war over marital home


Jordan and estranged husband Alex Reid are reportedly at war after he refused to sign a confidentiality agreement or move out of their Surrey mansion.

Katie Price and Alex Reid divorce latest: Couple at war over marital home

The model and businesswoman – real name Katie Price – is now living in a separate wing of their marital home after Alex, 35, refused to acknowledge their separation or leave the house. Katie is thought to be unable to move out herself as her disabled son Harvey, seven, needs the facilities.

Alex is also believed to be refusing to sign their split statement and a gagging order preventing him from revealing details of his relationship with 32-year-old Katie.

A source told The Daily Mirror: “The worm has turned and now it is heading to all-out war between Katie and Alex. After telling Katie on Sunday he accepted the marriage was over, he basically changed his mind. He is angry and refusing to pack his bags.

“Another major worry is that he’s refusing to be gagged. The implication is he could reveal private details and profit from her.”

Meanwhile, cage fighter Alex has spoken publicly for the first time about his marriage woes.

Writing in his Star magazine column, he said: “I’m still wearing my wedding ring – maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but there you go. I want to work on our marriage.

“I would sacrifice anything to spend time with [Katie]. She has always been my priority.”

The couple married last February in a lavish Las Vegas ceremony following a whirlwind romance. They are due to celebrate their first anniversary in two weeks’ time – if the union lasts that long.


  1. I Hope They Get Back Together People That Don’t Like Katie Has Problems And Should Just Waste Their Time Writing Bad Stuff About Her Theirs No Need For It Your Just Being Silly

    Peter Is A Lovely Man And Yeah Katie Is A Bitch Some Times But He New That From When First Met Her So He New What He Got Him Self Into

    Peter And Katie Are Like A Puzzle Theirs A Few Bits Missing And as soon As They Come They Will Come Together As A Couple Again

    At First When They Both Split Up I Fort It Was For Money But When Pete Got Another Woman In His Life Then I New It Was For Real I Just Think Theirs No Reason Why Hopefully One Day They Will End Up Together

    • That is terrible english!!! You should read through it again and think about what you’re writing! And why are you putting capital letters infront of every word?????
      Have you never been to school, thicko? Get extra tuiton in english grammar is my advice!!!

  2. alex mate think ur self lucky like peter ur well and truely out of ur marrige she is no good she uses men makes them her slaves you can do better u should talk with peter he nos just what she is GOOD LUCK ALEX IM SORRY TO SAY SHE WENT WITH YOU COZ SHE WONTED PET BACK AND HE NEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING U WILL MOVE ON IT HURTS BUT NOT FOREVER THANK GOD THER IS SOMEONE OUT THER FOR U WHEN UR MENT TO MEET U WILL TAKE CARE OF U

  3. Theres nothing wrong with the way Diane typed up lol its the “easy” way of typing, and yes if YOU been to school then they are talking about the “easy way” of typing 🙂 it does make sense everyone talks like diz nw so i dunno whts ur problem 🙂 never mind. back to what i came here to comment about. i think katie is nice but what she done is wrong and i think everyone deserves better i understand what she done once you love some one as bad then you go blind fighting for their love back, people make mistakes we all human. and alex your not perfect either and im sure you know that she was in love with peter after all so no one cant just blame katie. hope things do get sorted 🙂 x


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