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Kate Middleton and Jemima Khan in ‘too thin’ twitter row


Kate Middleton has received an apology from Jemima Khan after the socialite wrote on Twitter that the future princess does not have ‘heir-bearing hips’.

Jemima posted a series of messages on her JemKhan Twitter feed which appeared to be criticising Prince William’s fiancée for being too thin.

In one she wrote: “Kate Middleton – those are not heir-bearing hips are they? Unfeasibly narrow.”

But when angry tweeters called her up on her comments she insisted she had meant it as a compliment.

Jemima wrote: “I wasn’t being unkind… Wouldn’t every girl like to have unfeasibly narrow hips? Who wants to be described as having child bearing ones?”

She’s not the first public figure to end up in hot water over her comments about the Royal wedding. The Bishop of Willesden, Rev Pete Broadbent, has been suspended from his position after likening the couple to “shallow celebrities.2

He wrote on his Facebook page that the Royal Family was full of “broken marriages and philanderers” and predicted the union would last a maximum of seven years.

His outburst proved all the more embarrassing when it emerged that his immediate superior, the Bishop of London, is a close friend of the prince and may be conducting the wedding service.



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