Justin Bieber’s hairstylist reveals details of his £500 ‘do


Justin Bieber keeps his famous hairstyle in trim for a whopping £470 a time, his hairdresser has revealed.

Justin Bieber’s hairstylist reveals details of his £500 ‘do

The teen heartthrob, who is rumoured to be dating Disney star Selena Gomez, has his locks trimmed by exclusive celebrity stylist Vanessa Price every fortnight.

She said: “I usually cut his hair every two weeks when he’s on tour.”

Price charges £470 a haircut, meaning Bieb’s monthly hairdressing bill is close to a staggering £1000 a month.

She also revealed that Biebermania has driven the 16-year-old star’s notoriously devoted fans to attempt to steal his hair trimmings.

She continued: “I’ve heard adults joke they were going to take his hair after I cut it. I tell them they’re really creepy.

“We both were shocked people cared that much about someone’s hair.”


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