Justin Bieber forced to sleep on bus after crazed ‘beliebers’ break in to hotel room


Justin Bieber was forced out of his Liverpool hotel room last Friday after two teenage fans snuck in and climbed in to his BED.

Justin Bieber forced to sleep on bus after crazed 'beliebers' break in to hotel room

The pint-sized heartthrob – notorious for the downright scary levels of devotion he inspires in his ‘beliebers’ – was so freaked out by the incident he decided to sleep in his tour bus instead.

According to The Mirror, the girls came up with the highly-original idea of sneaking in to his £750-a-night suite by dressing as hotel cleaners.

Amazingly, the amateur-ish stunt actually worked and they managed to roam around 17-year-old Biebs’ room taking photographs of “highly personal” items.

They were only court when his security team entered and found them climbing in to the star’s bed.

A source told the paper: “The hotel was swamped by fans all desperate to get a glimpse of Justin.

“But the two particularly enterprising girls snuck in through a side entrance, and stole two housekeeping outfits.

“They got the lift to Justin’s suite and knocked on the door, calling ‘housekeeping.’

“No one clocked until the girls were alone, and in his bedroom, taking pictures of his personal possessions on their phones.

“A member of Justin’s entourage in another part of the suite heard them giggling and came through, catching them in the act.”

The girls were evicted from the building after a strict telling-off.

Poor Justin, who is currently dating fellow singer Selena Gomez, was so unnerved that he chose to leave the hotel and sleep in his tour bus instead.

Proof that being a multi-million selling international teenage heartthrob still can’t guarantee you a decent night’s sleep.


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