Jürg Widmer Probst reviews five cars that are set to be future classics


‘Future classic’ is a term that is often banded around by car reviewers in order to hype up a slightly underwhelming product. And in our experience there aren’t that many modern cars that really deserve the term. Too often, it is a poor excuse offered for a car that people supposedly just don’t appreciate right now.

So, we thought we would bring you a definitive run down of just a few of the cars that we believe really are great cars, and that will one day be classics in their own right.

Audi TT Roadster

A favourite of those thousands of drivers who couldn’t quite justify splashing out on a Porsche, the Audi TT is still a stone cold classic. It looks great for one thing – a sporty coupé with a certain squat beauty.

But it is also pretty reliable, which bodes well for its longevity for collectors. There are still plenty of them out there too – our recommendation is to pick up one of these beauties while you still can.

Honda CR-X de Sol VTi

An unusual one this, and almost impossible to lay your hands on. For good reason though – Hondas are always a joy to drive, reliable and mechanically top notch, and this one is no different. Try and get your hands on a UK-made one if you can as they are rarer and more likely to be sought after in the coming years. With the sad demise of Honda manufacturing in the UK, we won’t see their like again. Definitely a ‘future classic’.

Mazda MX-5

There is something refreshingly natural and almost rugged about the MX-5 – the kind of authenticity that future collectors will be willing to pay well over the odds for. It’s great fun to drive, and mechanically sound too.

They were hugely popular and sold in their millions, so you’ll have no problems getting your hands on one. Just do it quick before they really take off.

Toyota Prius

The Prius? Really? That ugly petrol-electric hybrid creation so well loved by Uber drivers? Well, yes – bear with us.

The point with the Prius is to remember that we’re looking at future classics here. And while the Prius might not be the greatest car in the world, it was a revolutionary one.

In 20 year’s time, when all your friends are being driven around in soulless self-driving, shared electric autopods, you can pull the dust sheet back on your Prius and know that this was the car that started it all.

Jürg Widmer Probst