Judge gives road rage thug week off curfew so he can attend rock festival


A judge suspended a curfew imposed on a road rage thug who attacked a street sweeper – so he can go to a ROCK FESTIVAL with his family.

Daniel Hunsdon, 31, reeked of booze when he leapt out of the passenger seat of his car to scream abuse at a council worker who blocked his girlfriend in.

The rock singer, who fronts a local band, jumped on road sweeper Francis Smith’s buggy, wrestled him to the ground and punched him so hard he caused a black eye and cut lip.

District Judge David Cooper described Hunsdon’s attack as ”repulsive” but spared him jail and imposed a night-time curfew instead.

Incredibly he then agreed to lift restrictions for a week in June after Hunsdon pleaded to take his wife and two children to the Download rock festival in Donington.

He said: ”For this repulsive attack on a public servant you should go straight to prison.

”However, having regard to what has been said about you and the fact that you do not have a long criminal record, I will make a community order instead.”

Hunsdon’s defence solicitor told Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday a curfew would prevent Hunsdon taking his family to the heavy metal festival.

Judge Cooper imposed a three month curfew between 9pm and 7am but agreed to lift the restrictions during the festival from June 8 to 15

He added the curfew suspension was so that ”the family would not be punished”.

Tess James, prosecuting, told the court Hunsdon performed with band Federal Black 40 at a comeback gig at Corn Exchange, in Cambridge on March 5.

He was being driven back by his wife when their vehicle was blocked by Mr Smith’s road sweeper buggy at a chicane in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Gestures were made from both vehicles before Hunsdon got out and started to shout and swear at Mr Smith.

Hunsdon smelt of alcohol and was abusive, pushing Mr Smith and clenching his fists, the court was told.

Hunsdon then punched Mr Smith on the side of the head and wrestled him to the ground – leaving his victim with a split lip, bruising and swelling around his eye.

Kieron Davies, defending, said Hunsdon’s wife misunderstood the road layout and failed to give priority to Mr Smith at the traffic calming chicane.

The judge ordered Hunsdon, who admitted assault by beating, to pay his victim £250, £80 costs and £15 victim surcharge.

Hunsdon, who also works as a painter and decorator, has two previous convictions for drink-driving, the court was told.

Four-piece rock band Federal Black 40 are made up of musicians from across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

The group have been described as having an intense, visceral style by Classic Rock Magazine.


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