What a joke! Castles advertises vacancy for a JESTER


A job is being advertised for anyone willing to make a fool of themselves – official jester at a castle.

The vacancy has come up for the first time in 600 years at historic Leeds Castle in Kent.

The new jester will get £8.45 an hour and must be able to juggle, turn cartwheels, speak a foreign language – and be cheerful.

The job advert reads: “We want to find a happy, cheerful, enthusiastic, entertaining jester who will be paid to lark about, to juggle and turn cartwheels.

“An interest in history and the ability to speak a foreign language would be welcome.”

The jester, hoped to be in post by Easter, will be supplied with costumes, but will have to supply their own equipment.

Applicants will have to audition before castle visitors and guests who will vote for their favourite.

In medieval times jesters risked execution if they failed to amuse their royal masters.


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