Joey Barton runs out of petrol… then auctions jerry can on Twitter


Controversial footballer Joey Barton dropped his latest clanger yesterday – after running out of PETROL in his flashy car.

Barton, 31, broke down in one of his expensive motors when it ran out of fuel – forcing him to JOG to a local garage.

Barton later told his twitter followers he was running like a ”white Moses Kiptinui (sic)” – a reference to the legendary long distance runner.

But the former Man City and Newcastle United player only had £14 on him – and had to spent £7.50 of it on a petrol can and the rest on fuel.

He got back on the road but after tweeting about what happened the millionaire footie star then offered to SELL the jerry can to fans – for £6.

The Queen’s Park Rangers midfielder revealed details of the incident in a series of tweets.

He wrote: “If anyone seen a white Moses Kiptinui running down Great West Road at 8.45am this morning with a petty can, yep, it was me.

“Ran out of petrol this morning. 1st time ever. Had to jog to the garage. Not a good way to start a day.

“Worst thing was I only had £14 on me and left my cards in the house. Had to pay £7.50 for the can as well. Still got in on time.

“For sale. 1 petrol can. 1 previous owner. Mint condition. £6. ONO. Use #iwantapettycan.

“Lots of interest in this can. Every cloud and all that. Highest unique bid. I will sign it and give the raised money to charity.

“Can’t believe people actually want it. Quite weird. Actually very weird. Remember to use #iwantapettycan to get your bids in. #spacecadets.”


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