Jamie and Abbie Hort from Guernsey who are facing eviction after being refused benefits – 12 months after they won a £50,000 lottery prize. See SWNS story SWLOTTO; A couple who spent their £50,000 Channel Islands Lottery winnings in a year say they are facing a second eviction from their home after struggling to get financial help from Social Security. Jamie and Abbie Hort won the money, which was second prize in the Christmas lottery, in 2014. But they said that after living off the cash all year, the money ran out just before Christmas. It meant they were unable to pay their rent but when they asked Social Security for help, the department refused and they were evicted. In order to get a roof over their heads for Christmas, they had to raid savings they had put aside for their children to pay for a deposit on a new flat but, with their next amount of rent due on Thursday and no means of paying it, they could be evicted once again.

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