Job hunter wears billboard on the streets in desperate bid to avoid claiming benefits

Martin Bailey
Martin Bailey

A desperate job hunter has taken to the streets with a billboard asking for work – in a bid to avoid claiming benefits.

Dedicated Martin Bailey, 50, has filled in dozens of application forms, joined employment agencies and sent out over 50 CVs since losing his job as a civil servant last year.

He even tried running a fancy dress shop but was forced to close it on Saturday after the economic downturn left his new business in tatters.

Jobless Martin Bailey on the streets with his sandwich board as he bids to find a job
Jobless Martin Bailey on the streets with his sandwich board as he bids to find a job

Martin, who worked at the Land Registry for 23-years until he was made redundant last year, faced the daunting prospect of joining the thousands of others signing on at the job centre.

The job hunter, from Nottingham, decided to use his redundancy money to open a fancy dress shop but on Saturday he was forced to close it after a lack of demand.

But the divorced dad-of-two is so desperate not to claim benefits he is getting up every morning in his suit and wears a sandwich board asking for a job.

During rush hour each morning he stands on a roundabout by a busy commuter route handing out business cards and wearing billboard which reads: “Quality Worker Seeks Job; Honk If You Can Help.”

He said: “I was made redundant a year ago from my job in the civil service. So I used the money to set up my own business.

“But it was a struggle since the day we opened and I had to shut up shop last Saturday.

“Unfortunately the day we opened a massive fancy dress centre opened in the city centre and, while our business did gradually improve, we just didn’t get the visitors in.

“I don’t want to be unemployed and I don’t want to claim benefits.

“I hate the idea of not being productive, I’m prepared to do anything, I’d love to do customer services but I can do driving jobs, admin, jobs with anti-social hours don’t bother me.

“I thought I will show my initiative, get up first thing in the morning in the cold and get myself out there rather than standing in the dole queue.

“I felt a bit stupid to start with and it was bitterly cold, but I handed out at least half a dozen business cards yesterday and hopefully this will all end in a job.

“So far I’ve had a great response, loads of people honking so it’s pretty loud round there, but I’ve been given some fantastic business cards by people who want my CV and like my pro-activeness.”

Martin is also determined to get back on his feet in order to win back a woman he broke up with last year.

He added: “I do have another slight push to do this, I met the love of my life last year called Joan and we split because I couldn’t offer her anything stable.

“I am hoping that if I get a job I can win her back.”



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