How to get the job of your dreams: Five top tips

Finding your dream job is easy... you just need to know how
Finding your dream job is easy... you just need to know how
Finding your dream job is easy... you just need to know how
Finding your dream job is easy… you just need to know how

It really is a rat race out there at the moment, isn’t it? Most of us are working to live instead of living to work, becoming depressed by the monotony of the same boring job day in, day out. Always wondering what life would be like if we could do a job we really enjoyed instead.

The news is filled with scary facts and figures relating to the current gloomy job market that anyone with a secure position feels almost guilty about wanting to do something different, thinking they should be grateful for what they’ve got.

The great news is that life doesn’t have to be this way. It is entirely possible to find a job you are passionate about and get paid well for doing it. The best news of all is that it’s probably sitting waiting for you right now… You just need to know how to go out and get it.

Take a look at the following top tips to help you bag the job of your dreams:

Do the groundwork

With all the best will in the world, you’re unlikely to secure a skilled position if you don’t have the right qualifications. For example, if charting a pleasure boat around USA’s Crystal Coast has always been a burning ambition, you firstly need to get your boating license in North Carolina.

Start the process by deciding what job it is you really want to do and then spend time researching what qualification you can gain in order to achieve it. Even if the job seems like an impossible dream right now, taking small steps towards it by studying in your free time is more positive than doing nothing at all.

Stay Positive

When job searching you mustn’t be afraid of blowing your own trumpet – no one else is going to do it for you. This doesn’t mean being overly confident to the point of arrogance, but regularly reminding yourself and others of the fantastic skills and qualities you would bring to any organisation.

Be Cheeky

Don’t wait for the job of your dreams to be advertised on job boards, as by that time you’ll probably be too late. Instead, focus your energy on getting to know others already working in your chosen field. Network, follow influencers on Twitter, connect with the right people on LinkedIn and start sharing interesting and relevant news and information about the area you want to work in. You could even start a blog about your passion!

By taking the initiative and letting the right people know you’re interested, you’re already head and shoulders above anyone else, before a job even becomes available.

Be open minded

Stop limiting yourself to jobs you think you can already do and start dreaming about jobs you’ve always wanted to do. In today’s digital age, the world really is your oyster and it’s more than possible to bag a job overseas, even if you’re only freelancing for them initially.

Don’t limit yourself to jobs on your doorstep, open your horizons.

Avoid Headhunters

Did you know headhunters only handle approximately 10% of the available jobs. It’s also worth remembering they’ll be working for the company rather than for you. You are more than capable of doing this yourself so remove your name and resume from the database and start self-promotion instead. I promise you’ll have far better results.


  1. I noticed that a lot of the advice was related to strategy, not qualifications. I give the same kind of advice to my clients. Often, job candidates think they do not have a job because of their qualifications, when in fact it has much more to do with their strategy. Finding a job is a skill in itself, and the good news is, you can learn the skill. Thanks for your insightful article.

    Pamela Paterson, Author, Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job
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  2. What an encouraging article! At this time of year, we often forget what’s going on outside the four walls of our office and feel trapped in our own particular rat run. As you say, this is untrue, and there are plenty of exciting jobs out there for the taking, so long as we’re able to stand out from the crowd, come interview time.

    At recruitment specialists, Meet The Real Me (, we also tell our candidates to prepare thoroughly, remain positive and keep an open mind. We offer something extra too – access to our ground-breaking e-me video CV technology. Our candidates create a short film of themselves talking about their experience and qualifications. Employers can see for themselves what the person can offer and how well they ‘sell themselves’. Something to consider next time you’re in the job market, perhaps?


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