Jo Yeates murder: two ”agitated” men spotted where architect was found


Detectives are investigating reports of two ”agitated” men emerging from the woods close to where Jo Yeates’ body was found.

Jo Yeates murder: two ''agitated'' men spotted where architect was found

An eagle-eyed commuter spotted the mysterious pair coming out of woodland by Longwood Lane near Bristol in pitch darkness at 6.20am this morning.

They were not wearing coats, were soaked from the rain and ”looked really agitated”.

The suspicious pair darted across the road and away from the scene where the strangled body of the 25-year-old was found on Christmas Day.

Details of the sighting have been reported to Avon and Somerset Police.

Amy Gray, daughter of the motorist who spotted the suspicious activity, reported the sighting on Facebook.

Writing on group Joanna Yeates RIP, she told its 5,379 members: ”My mum was driving past Longwood Lane on the way to work this morning at 6.20am and two men came out the woods (with) no coats on and soaking wet.

”They looked really agitated – one ran to the otherside of the road she though they were gonna (sic) jump in front of her car.

”She rang the police to let them know. What were they doing in the dark at that time of the morning?”

Avon and Somerset Police refused to comment on individual sightings.