Jo Yeates murder: police search charity shop for missing sock


Detectives investigating the murder of Jo Yeates rifled through mountains of clothing at a charity shop in the hunt for her mysterious missing ski sock.

Jo Yeates murder: police search charity shop for missing sock

Avon and Somerset Police searched the shop after a member of the public informed them he had dropped a similar garment into a basket outside the shop last week.

Officers have not revealed where the man claims to have found the single sock or whether its description exactly matched the missing item.

Staff at Break in Nailsea, North Somerset, had sorted out the basket and allowed officers to look through their ‘rag bags’ containing items not be sold in the shop – but they failed to find the sock in question.

A charity shop employee, who did not want to be named, said: ”We were surprised to see the police, but obviously they have to follow up every piece of information they get.

”They told us about the call and asked if they could look for the sock, but they couldn’t find it.”

Joanna Yeates’ body was found on Longwood Lane, Failand, Bristol, minus her boots and one knee-length, grey ski sock with lighter detail on the toes, heel and shin.



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