Jo Yeates murder: no link to Glenis Carruthers case


Police investigating the Joanna Yeates murder have found no link between the pretty architect’s death and that of Glenis Carruthers 36 years ago, it has emerged.

Jo Yeates murder: no link to Glenis Carruthers case

The case bore chilling similarities to the murder of Miss Carruthers, who was found strangled on grassland in 1974, just yards from where Jo was snatched last month.

There are several similarities between the two cases – both victims had been strangled, neither had been sexually assaulted or suffered any other significant injuries and both were last seen alive in the Clifton area of Bristol.

But Detectives from the Avon and Somerset force confirmed they have found no link between the cases, despite trawling through 24 boxes of evidence and statements taken at the time

A police source said: “Nothing has been found to feed into the Yeates incident room. If anything, it (the review) has put distance between two cases.”

On Friday, it emerged that detectives had seized plans to the ground floor flat at 44 Canynge Road, which was split into four flats in 1988, where she lived.

But Miss Yeates’ flat – which was subjected to weeks of forensic examination – is self-contained, with only one way in and out.

Police are refusing to reveal whether they believe she was killed inside the flat or elsewhere, and have not revealed the results of DNA tests on a half-drunk bottle of cider which had been left in the flat.

It also emerged that the investigation could be subjected to an independent review by a senior officer.

The spokesman said: “National guidance suggests a review should take place somewhere between 28 and 42 days but how that is done, who does it and the scope of the review are up to each individual force and will depend very much on the nature of the investigation in question.

”These reviews are routine practice and will be considered by us when we believe the time to be right. We continue to have a dedicated team of investigators who will remain on this case until we find and bring to justice whoever is responsible for killing Joanna Yeates.”

On the night of December 17, landscape architect Miss Yeates had been out with work colleagues for a drink at the Ram pub on Park Street, before walking home at 8pm via Waitrose on Clifton Triangle, off-licence Bargain Booze and Tesco Express in Clifton Village.

The 25-year-old came home with two bottles of cider – one of which was opened and partly drunk – and a Tesco Finest mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto pizza.

Boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, returned reported her missing after a weekend in Sheffield two days later.

Her strangled body was found on Christmas morning off Longwood Lane, Failand.


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