Jo Yeates murder: man, 32, arrested


A 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering architect Joanna Yeates early this morning.

Jo Yeates murder: man, 32, arrested

Avon and Somerset Constabulary refused to reveal where the arrest was made.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones said: ”I would like to thank the public for their continued support for the investigation and the information they have provided to us.

”I would also like to pay tribute to Jo’s family and to Greg who continue to be unfailing in their support to me and my team at what is an incredibly difficult and painful time for them.”

Police confirmed Jo’s landlord Chris Jefferies is still a suspect and remains on bail.


  1. It is very hard for the police to always immediately find out who has killed someone,also we are all human and all make inaccuracies in our notions and conclusions,when I was much younger 26 years old I was knocked off my bicycle giving my right had signal into a main street on my way to work,from Plugington Rd. into Eldon St,Preston,Unfortunately for me the police believed the man who drove straight out of Eldon St,breing my shoulder 2 black eyes and a broken nose,and conceussed,He drew diagram lies pretending I had not gicen a right hand signalas I turned into eldon St.It was early morning and no witnesses because it was early aprt from one who phoned for the ambulance for me to go in.So the police believed he was behind me going down Plungington Road,they got it wrong,and I was to frail to fight for compensation,however I got a new bicylce,as i was on peice work,so was afraid to take this wreckless lying driver to court,although the solictor Michael Dolphin in Preston believed me,and understood thet this man had got away with almost killing me through not giving way on Eldon St which is a side Road which crosses Plungington Road which is a main road,and i was turning right giving my right hand signal,and he did not stop at the main road, thinking it would have no traffic on and thus almost killing me.
    Unfortunately police are very good but can make mistakes by not listening and sometimes taking the easy option to clear a case it was easy for them to believe the driver as I was tiny and frail,however I was the truthful one and this man should have lost his driving licence really,I wrote to him ,and told him he was a dangerous driver and a liar and that he had nearly killed me,and to be careful not to nearly kill any one else,by giving right of road at a main road in future.T.S.


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