Jo Yeates’ flat seen by jurors in murder trial


Jurors sitting in the murder trial of Vincent Tabak today saw inside the flat of tragic Joanna Yeates – which has been preserved in a chilling time capsule since her death.

Jo Yeates' flat seen by jurors in murder trial

Christmas decorations and photographs still adorn Flat 1, 44 Canynge Road – almost exactly ten months after the pretty architect was strangled.

One apparently unsent Christmas card to ‘Lynn, Steve & Tom’ lies propped against a bookshelf inside the smart flat where Jo and boyfriend Greg Reardon lived.

A small collection of cuddly toys sits next to her bed, while pictures of Jo and Greg and friends are on shelves around the property.

Bank statements and unopened post are also left inside, while a bowl of sweets remains untouched on a shelf.

The jury of six men and six women were taken to the property as part of the third day of Vincent Tabak’s murder trial.

They left Bristol Crown Court shortly after 10.30am by bus, along with the judge, His Honour Mr Justice Richard Field, representatives from the prosecution, defence and press.

Vincent Tabak, who has admitted manslaughter but denies murder, did not wish to attend the visits.

The jury walked a short section of Jo’s final walk home before entering her home – where they looked around for around 20 minutes.

They were then taken for a short visit inside Flat 2, where Vincent Tabak lived with girlfriend Tanja Morson.

The bedroom where Jo and Greg slept is separated only by a common wall from the one where the Dutch analyst and his girlfriend stayed.

And Flat 1’s blue painted wooden door is just feet away from the green wood and glass door of Flat 2.

After leaving Canynge Road on the coach, they were driven to Longwood Lane – where a yellow line showed the exact spot Jo’s snow-covered body was discovered on Christmas Day.

Jo’s flat – which comprises of a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom – has been left in a time capsule since her disappearance.

In the bedroom, Jo’s hair straighteners and hairdryer are on a cream metal corner unit. An empty white plastic laundry basket sits by the door.

Jo Yeates' flat seen by jurors in murder trial

There are a number of personal items left on a wooden chest of drawers by the bed, such as a water glass, small pot of medicine and a bowl with a white comb and other items inside.

Toiletries such as bottles of A Touch of Pink Lacoste perfume and Dior Hypnotic Poison scent are on the wood, next to a packet of Asda face wipes, body lotion and four bottles of pink and red nail varnish.

A purple jewellery box containing trinkets and white earrings has been left, along with a red hair band, brown hair grips and products such as a Sure deodorant and hair mousse.

Two cuddly mice with their arms outstretched are also on the large surface, as well as a large toy spider, plastic My Little Pony and a ceramic smiling cat.

In the living room, tinsel adorns the curtain rail and a lamp and two half-used rolls of red festive wrapping paper lie underneath a pale wooden table.

On the table lies an empty bottle of cider and an unplugged telephone.

A signed Red Dwarf picture, addressed ‘To Jo’ and ‘To Jo and Greg’ from the cast, and a Red Dwarf box set sit on a shelving unit with other personal belongings including files and a calculator.

There is also a bowl full of mini back of Lovehearts sweets and a cupcake shaped lip balm on the large red shelves.

The couple’s kitchen has been left clean, with a half used bottle of washing up liquid and a full bottle of hand wash by the sink next to a roll of kitchen roll.

Jo’s half used toiletries – such as Imperial Source Japanese Spa shower gel and Aussie hair shampoo – have been left on the floor of the shower.

Jo Yeates' flat seen by jurors in murder trial

In the hallway of the flat – where Greg discovered jackets and boots strewn across the floor after Jo went missing – her shoes are inside a rack.

There are a pair of pink and silver running shoes, a white cycle helmet with a pink pattern, a pair of white pumps and fluffy snow boots inside the pale wooden rack.

A bare black metal coat stand has also been left inside the hallway, with a small square mirror.

The jury also saw chilling examples of how the flat suddenly became a crime scene in the days following that night.

All of the carpets have been removed from the £200,000 flat and black forensic fingerprint dust can be seen on cupboards and inside the shower.

A half-used roll of toilet paper, a toothbrush and container of Oral B dental floss have been left in the bathroom.

Tomorrow, witnesses are expected to take to the stand in Court 1 at Bristol Crown Court.

Vincent Tabak has admitted manslaughter and denies murder. His trial continues.