Jo Yeates’ family reveal how their world stopped when she was stolen from them


The family and boyfriend of tragic Joanna Yeates revealed how their ‘world stopped’ the moment the ”beautiful” landscape architect was ”stolen” from them.

Jo Yeates' family reveal how their world stopped

Devastated parents David, 63, and Teresa Yeates said their grief was ”deepened” by all the experiences she will miss out on – including having her own children – their grandchildren.

In a statement read by a family liaison officer outside one of Jo’s favourite pubs, The Cottage, on Bristol Harbour, her family said they would always miss her ”lightness”.

Jo’s grieving boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, also gave a heart-breaking tribute, in which he described her a ”beautiful in mind, body and soul”.

He said: ”Jo loved it here by Bristol harbour side and found great joy in the local rowing club.

”The memory of Jo will always be with me as I look across the harbour and I will always remember our unforgettable and special time together.

”Jo was a beautiful woman, in mind, body and soul. She had a great career ahead of her as a landscape architect and would have achieved a great many things in her life if she had only been given the chance.

”I will always love her.”

In another statement, Jo’s family said: ”From the moment that we received Greg’s phone call on December 17 until now, time has had no meaning.

”Our lives stopped from the time that we knew Jo was missing. So far, the worst time was during the first week wondering whether Jo would be found.

”Was she dead or alive and what happened to her? We dreaded going to our graves without knowing.

”In a very strange way, Jo’s body being found was a relief. Although some questions have been answered, some remain.

”For us, it was surprisingly easy to see Jo but there was a deep sadness. It meant that we could welcome her back.

”Due to the circumstances it will probably be some time before Jo can come home.

”Our thoughts and emotions at this time are solely with Jo, we really have little feeling for anything that may be happening. We are certain that Jo’s killer will be caught.

”Jo was taken from us, the method has only intensified our grief. Her life was stolen from her and she was stolen from us.

”For us, we will always miss the presence that came from her, her voice, her lightness and standing back watching her through life.”

Pretty Jo disappeared from the £200,000 basement flat in Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol, where she lived with boyfriend Greg, on December 17.

She was last seen by friends leaving The Ram pub on Park Street at 8pm and was later captured on CCTV cameras as she visited Waitrose, Tesco and Bargain Booze on her half-a-mile walk home.

Her body was found on Christmas Day less than three miles from her home, in a quarry on Longwood Lane, by two walkers and their dog.

Avon and Somerset police arrested her landlord, former Clifton College lecturer Christopher Jefferies, 65, at 7am from his flat in her building on December 30.

They were granted extra time to question him on suspicion of her murder on Friday night, by magistrates.

On Friday, the £1.5 million detached property next door to the house where both Jo and Mr Jefferies had flats, was examined by officers.

Neighbour Peter Stanley, 56, a mechanical engineer, who worked on the Neighbourhood Watch with Mr Jefferies, had his car examined by officers and was questioned as a witness.

His car returned to the property yesterday.


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