A cow has Moowell Moover system, often referred to as “Cow Shoes” fitted by inventor Robert Todd, 40, in Shrewton, Salisbury. The shoes are fitted to help the cows walk if they have a problem with their hoof. November 3 2015. See SWNS story SWCOW; Two British inventors have moo-ved into a new market after launching a range of footwear – for COWS. Robert Todd, a professional cattle hoof trimmer, designed the Croc-like slip-ons in a bid to tackle lameness in cattle caused by ulcers and bruising. They feature flexible soles made from beech and oak and are colour-coded by size. The shoes can be fitted in minutes using a special adhesive called ‘Moo-Tac’ and cows can wear them for up to eight weeks while their hooves recover.

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