Jim Davidson pantomime breaks Geneva Convention


A theatre in Scotland was threatened with legal action after one of the costumes in its Christmas pantomime broke the Geneva Convention.

Jim Davidson pantomime breaks Geneva Convention

The Glasgow Pavilion Theatre was putting on Robin Hood when it was caught up in a legal wrangle.

One of the characters, Nurse Poltis, was wearing a dress which sported a red cross.

However unauthorised use of the iconic emblem violates the Geneva Conventions Act 1957.

A displeased British Red Cross contacted the theatre and warned them that the use of the symbol could “dilute its neutrality” and if they continued to it they would face legal action.

The theatre changed the red crosses to green.

Robin Hood, which stars comic Jim Davidson in the lead role, is running until January 22.

A spokesman for the humanitarian organisation told the BBC: “We have no desire to be the villains of the pantomime or to appear heavy handed, but we do have a very serious obligation to protect the Red Cross emblem.

“The emblem is a special sign of neutrality and protection recognised by all sides during armed conflicts.

“Misuse of that emblem – even when done in an innocent and light-hearted manner – has to be addressed. Repeated and widespread misuse of the Red Cross emblem could dilute its neutrality and its ability to protect.

“When we contacted the theatre management, they quickly changed the cross on the nurse’s costume to green and we applaud them for that.”

General manager Iain Gordon said last night: “I fully understand the good work of the British Red Cross but I really think their head of international law should be involved in more pressing matters.

“I’d imagine there are many breaches of the Geneva Convention throughout the world. A small red cross on a panto costume hardly endangers anyone.”


  1. This will just open up a can of worms because Nurse’s outfits you buy for halloween, or from Ann Summers etc all have a small red cross; does that mean they are going to accuse everyone who owns an outfit of breaking the Geneva Convention? What a joke!


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