Jessie J lookalike copies her idol by shaving her HEAD


A Jessie J lookalike has her hair shaved off – and gives a heads-up of what the superstar singer will look like later this week.

Jessie has announced that she will shave her trademark black locks live on TV for Comic Relief, leaving just 0.5mm of her hair behind.

Professional double Melissa Frayne, 24, decided she would follow suit by taking on the same challenge for her own charity.

Melissa Frayne, a Jessie J lookalike, with her shaved head
Melissa Frayne, a Jessie J lookalike, with her shaved head

She burst into tears as staff at Changes hair salon in Milton Keynes, Bucks. lopped off her hair on Monday night in front of family and friends.

And the end result is a fascinating early glimpse of how The Voice judge Jessie will look when she goes under the razor on Friday.

Melissa raised £1,050 for the Brompton Fountain charity which supports the Royal Brompton hospital in London where she was treated for a hole in her heart at 11.

She said: “It was nerve racking but it felt amazing as it was coming off. I think I’m lucky because I have an good shaped head so it looks alright.

“Everyone who’s seen the photos and the video can’t believe I did it but they’ve said they like it.

“All my friends have been tweeting Jessie J because they are so proud of me. I would love it if she saw the photos – she’s the one who inspired me to do it.

“They plaited the hair before they cut it because it’s being given to a wig charity but I heard the scissors snip and I just started to cry. I think it was the adrenaline and the nerves.

Melissa before cutting off her hair
Melissa before cutting off her hair

“But as I freaked out a little bit I thought about why I was doing it – having your head shaved isn’t that brave when you compare it to how brave the children in the hospital are.

“The Brompton Fountain do amazing work and I just wanted to do something to thank them, the charity were very supportive to my family when I had my operation.

“I said I wouldn’t have it done until I reached the #1,000 mark, I’m hoping now it has been done I will continue to raise more money for the cause.

“Everyone has been so supportive its fantastic and I wish Jessie J all the best of luck for Comic Relief.”

Melissa has donated her hair to a children’s leukaemia wig charity.


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