Jedward offer Charlie Sheen their expert advice


As if things weren’t bad enough for Charlie Sheen already, now JEDWARD have reached out to offer the troubled star advice.

Jedward offer Charlie Sheen their expert advice

The identical X-Factor horrors told The Sun how they have been enjoying online chats with the hellraising actor and reminding him to “stay cool and stay focused.”

Edward explained: “We spoke to him on Twitter when the whole thing was happening – while he was all over the papers.

“We’re big fans of his show Two and a Half Men and we used to directly message him. He replied to us.

“When there were rumours about things we told him to stay cool and stay focused.

“We told him he was ok and that he was always going to be cool. And told him we’re big fans.”

Reports that his chats with the twosome are what finally pushed Charlie over the edge are yet to be confirmed.


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