Jamie Bulger’s killer Robert Thompson to be exposed “in next few days”


The man who revealed the identity of Jamie Bulger killer Jon Venables was unrepentant today – and said he was close to exposing his accomplice Robert Thompson.

Jamie Bulger's killer Robert Thompson to be exposed

Photographs purporting to show Venables as an adult allegedly taken before his re-arrest and subsequent jailing on charges of possessing indecent child images last year were widely circulated online.

They appeared alongside personal details, including information specifically banned to protect Venables’ identity.

The photographs and information were published last week by an online campaigner, who said he took the step to protect the public from the convicted killer and paedophile.

Today the man, from Exeter, Devon, insisted he had done nothing wrong and said he was ”closing in” on fellow killer Thompson.

The man, who cannot be identified, insisted he took the drastic step to ”protect the rights of victims and survivors”.

He said: ”I exposed Jon Venables last week, including pictures of him and the story running up to when he got arrested for child pornography, which have led to over one million hits.

”I’m not done yet and, while I can’t say too much, will be revealing the identity of Thompson in the next few days.

”I’ve not spoken directly to James’ mother Denise, although from what I’ve been told the family are not averse to what I’m doing.

”I’ve spoken with the police about the website, and they are perfectly happy and have told me there’s nothing they can do to shut it down.

”The court order bans media organisations from publishing anything but I’m completely independent so can do as I please.”

Venables and Robert Thompson were just ten years old when they lured two-year-old James Bulger from a Merseyside shopping centre and tortured him to death in 1993.

Despite warnings they could never be rehabilitated and objections from James’s parents, they were released in 2001 and given new identities.

The publication of the information comes just weeks after Denise Fergus, James’ mother, called for Venables and Thompson to be unmasked.

Miss Fergus spoke about her fight for justice for her son after it was revealed that the pair had both been on foreign holidays.

She said his new identity should be released and when he stood to answer charges of possessing indecent images he should have done so under his new name.

Venables was jailed for two more years in February last year for possessing images of child sexual abuse – including images of children as young as two.

The man behind the apparent identity breach added: ”He will be paid by the Government and doesn’t have to work.

”He is given everything to maintain a good standard of living – we don’t think this is right. He is a child murderer.

”I’ve had public reaction to the photos already – I’ve got a massive following, it’s been overwhelming.

”This isn’t about Venables or offenders, it’s about the rights of survivors and victims.

”I will continue to fight to reveal the identities of known paedophiles.”

A Devon and Cornwall police spokesman said they were not investigating the publication of the images by the Exeter man and had received no complaints from the public.