Jailed paedophile complains to authorities about lumpy bed


A jailed paedophile complained to authorities that he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because — his BED was lumpy.

Pervert John Brady, 62, is serving eight life sentences for leading a vile paedophile ring which sexually abused two young girls.

Now he has launched a brazen attack on prison bosses – claiming he can’t sleep at night.

Brady is locked up in HMP Wakefield – dubbed ‘Monster’s Mansion’ – because it is home to some of Britain’s most evil paedophiles and killers.

Roy Whiting, who murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, serial child rapist Sidney Cooke and killer Michael Sams are all locked up in the prison.

Brady is now calling for taxpayers’ cash to be used for an NHS review into prison mattresses because elderly prisoner’s are suffering from bad backs.

He made his galling demands when he wrote to prisoners’ national newspaper Inside Time.

He said: ”Did you know that in every cell in prisons in England and Wales there is a metal monster that is causing us inmates a lot of medical problems?

”The monster is the bed!

”The mattress is foam rubber and, when new, is as solid as rock.

”But after about four weeks, depending on the weight of the sleeper, it goes flat and then you end up sleeping on the steel straps.”

Brady, from Wolverhampton, was caged in 2005 after a judge branded him a ”high-risk predator”.

But the beast moaned that he now suffers from a severe back condition brought on by the beds.

He whinged: ”Here on D wing there are a number of older inmates with back problems.

”I am one of them. I am 62 and have a condition called Lumbar Spondylosis.

”This condition is where four discs in the lumbar region of my spine have shrunk in such a way that they press against my central nervous system, causing me great pain when walking, sitting, and lying down.

”There are no painkillers I can take for this condition.

”The pain I suffer, and that of other inmates with back problems, is made worse by the construction of the bed and the type of mattress.

”Not a lot of thought went into the design of these beds.

”I would like an NHS consultant to take a look at them, and report whether they are suitable for inmates with back problems.”


  1. Make him sleep on the floor, a hard concrete floor, make sure the heat is turned off and no duvet so he can feel cold, how dare he thinks he has any rights after what he and his sick pado mates did to them poor girls

  2. So requesting an inquiry is a “brazen attack”. I suppose that this comment will be construed as a “death threat” then?

    If this is the degree of rigorousness applied in your articles, I can only conclude that by “paedophile” you must really mean “jaywalker”.

    Words have meanings. Might I suggest that you look into this thing called a “dictionary”?


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