It’s raining apples – Good job Sir Isaac Newton didn’t sit under this tree


Good job Sir Isaac Newton didn’t sit under this tree…….

This is the moment cider makers helped squeeze the last drop from an orchard by shaking a tree – to make hundreds of apples fall to the floor.

The rainfall of apples was caught on camera at an orchard which provides ingredients for Sheppy’s Cider in Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset.

Some apples fail to fall near the end of the growing season and farmers are forced to help them along.

They attach a cable to the top and use a tractor to bend the top of the tree – shaking the apples free.

Photographer Bill Bradshaw, of Langport, Somerset, caught the moment the red and yellow apples fell to floor.

He said: ”It looked beautiful – the apples were cascading in a huge flurry.

”There was an old guy and young chap who attached a cable to the top of the tree.

”The old guy pulled away in a tractor and the whole tree shook and every last remaining apple fell out.”

The photo will be used as part of an exhibition of Bill’s work celebrating cider production in Taunton from July 3 to August 30.


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