Italian doctor takes on UK market with his homemade herbal supplements


An Italian herbal doctor is taking on the UK alternative medicine market – with products he first developed in his KITCHEN.

Dr Martino Giorgini founded his supplements in 1977 after becoming frustrated that the only herbs available in Italy at the time were those that needed to be bought in bulk and stewed as a tea.

Working from his kitchen at home in rural Cervia, the academic developed a method to extract the natural substances and package them as convenient liquids and tablets.

Dr Giorgini’s products became a hit and after expanding across Italy the company is now looking to crack the UK market.

Their UK website offers home delivery with 72 hours by courier, which is free on orders over £57.

A spokesman said: ‘Starting from a selection of raw materials that, besides the usually required high quality standards, must not be exposed to radiations, and, continuing along the production chain, all those techniques that may reduce or destroy the energy of life still present in plants (e.g.: heat and pressure above the environmental range values, ultrasounds, microwaves, strong acids and bases…) are accurately avoided.

‘Thanks to this manufacturing technique, the energy of sunlight “fixed” into plants by chlorophyllian photosynthesis is saved and present in all Dr Giorgini products.

‘All food supplements are 100% natural (they do not contain parabens, mineral oils [paraffin oils], synthetic perfumes, and, where possible, preservatives), produced and manufactured directly by the company in Italy to strict standards and have been notified to the Italian Ministry of Health.

‘Dr Giorgini production unit, 500 m above sea level and out in the open, allows collecting water from rain and dew, to be then used in manufacturing processes, instead of the common deionised water, coming from waterworks and springs.

‘This manufacturing process makes our products unique and innovative and complement the healing properties of herbs with working processes implemented by cutting-edge machinery.

‘Besides food supplements, Dr Giorgini line also includes body, hair care, face and sun cosmetics, face and body cleansers, insect repellent and after-bite products, which are formulated using only top- quality ingredients and scented with only natural essential oils and contain no artificial fragrances.’



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