Islamic gang daub ‘Support Taliban’ graffiti on war memorial


Police are hunting a gang of Islam yobs who vandalised a village’s war memorial with the words ‘Support Taliban’.

War veterans in the picturesque village of Stretton, Staffs., were horrified when they saw their memorial defaced over the weekend.

Vandals used red spray paint to daub the words ”Support Taliban” in capital letters across the names of dozens of heroes who died fighting for Britain.

The thugs also sprayed the words ”Jihad 4 Iraq” on a bus shelter nearby.

Vicar of Stretton, Rev Kim Thomas blasted the vandals. He stormed: ”I’m very sad that this has happened.

”The memorial was set up in memory of the people of Stretton who died defending their country and now someone has come along and defaced it.

”I’m concerned that the Muslim community will get the blame, but they are not responsible.

”These are the actions of a small group of individuals, not the Muslim community as a whole.”

Liz Winson, vice-chairman of village parish Council, which paid for the memorial, said she was ”gobsmacked”.

She added: ”Words fail me. I feel so sad to think people have got so much disrespect for the memorial after all the trouble we’ve had to get it put up.”

Yesterday Staffordshire Police confirmed they were investigating.

A spokesman said: ”This kind of incident is not acceptable and will be investigated thoroughly.

”We would urge any witnesses to contact us.”


  1. Yeah, “Islamic Gang”, “muslim yobs”??? LOL This sounds exactly like what the boneheads in my town do , some white supremacists were caught spraying fake gang tags to look like they were from black and native gangs to justify their presence “protecting” people and handing out racist flyers


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