Is pet obesity on the rise? Make those unexpected trips to the vet a lot less impactful on your wallet

Fat cat: Is pet obesity increasing?
Fat cat: Is pet obesity increasing? Photo credit: Psicoloco / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Cute pets can get you more than just side glances when you’re out and about with your furry buddy, but often pet owners are not aware that their cute cats and dogs are already suffering from health complications brought about by obesity. More than 20% of pet owners are not fully aware that their pets are obese because they have no means to gauge whether the beloved animals are already suffering.

Pet obesity numbers are alarming. In 2013, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention released the shocking figures. Out of the 80 million dogs in America, 52% are obese while 26 out of the 55 million cats are considered to be obese. The number seems to be increasing every year resulting to more and more money being spent in pet health care alone.

Fat is cute, but it’s not healthy

While seeing a fat pet is adorable, you have to be aware that just like humans, unhealthy animals are prone to diseases and complications that can shorten their lifespan. Becoming obese can shave off more than two years away from your pet’s lives, so better think about their health before you turn them into something that the internet would adore.

Fat cat: Is pet obesity increasing?
Fat cat: Is pet obesity increasing? Photo credit: Psicoloco / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Talk to your vet

Your veterinarian can tell you more about the condition of your pet. Make sure to visit your resident vet to know whether your pet is obese. They can also give you the proper tips and precautions to follow should you have an obese pet. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your veterinarian can always make your pet healthier, allowing them to live a longer life.

Slim down your pet

If you’re starting to notice that your pet is leaning towards the chubby side, start putting your pet on a strict diet. Slimming down your pet can be achieved through proper exercise and an active lifestyle. Always engage your pets in fun activities like walking in the park and playing ball to encourage them to lose a few pounds. Your cat can become more active simply by buying a laser pointer or a cat condo.

Have them eat the right food

The right food can definitely help your pets lose a bit of weight. Commercial pet food is usually mixed in with chemicals and fatty foodstuff that can cause obesity in your pet. Try organic and nutritional pet meals available in your pet store. If your pet is already accustomed to the taste of their existing food, you can try scrimping down on the portions.

Get your pet insured

Even though your pet has already lost a lot of pounds, you can always make sure that their health is always in check. Pet insurance cost less depending on the package that will suit your pet. There are a number of available packages for all types of pets that can insure their health for as long as their live. Getting your pet insured is one way to get reimbursements for every vet trip that you make!



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